Department of Anatomy


  The Department of Anatomy at BVHMCH deals with the study of Morphology of the human body.
The department has well-experienced teaching and non-teaching staff. It has an illustrious museum, well-equipped dissection hall, histology lab. Small group teaching is emphasised.
The Department of Anatomy deals with the study of Morphology of the Human body. To be a good doctor one must understand the founts of anatomy (structure) and physiology (function). Functional necessity is the cause of structural innovation. To understand the function one must understand the structure well. However this study of basic science does not end at the first BHMS level itself and it goes on and on.


Some Reference Books For Study of Anatomy:

1. B D Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy (Vol-1,2,3)
2. Anatomy -by Samar Mitra (Part-1,2,3)
3.Gray,s Anatomy for Students – Richard L drake , A wayne Vogl , Adam W.M Mitchell