Dept. of Organon of Medicine & Philosophy


 Welcome to the Department of Organon of Medicine at Birbhum Vivekananda Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, a well-furnished and established department for Under Graduate.

The department of organon of medicine instills the knowledge of the philosophy of homoeopathy. The department ensures that students gain a sound comprehension of the various principles laid down by the master Dr. Hahnemann himself in the form of doctrines or aphorisms. The association of philosophy into clinical practice is a demanding task, which is fulfilled with the help of various descriptive clinical classes held weekly. The department gives a chance of open discussion to the students through tutorials and seminars.



Some Reference Books For Study of Organon Of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy:

1. Organon Of Medicine – Translated by R.E Dudgeon.
2.Hahnemann’s Organon Of Medicine by B.K Sarkar.
3.Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy – by James Tyler Kent.
4.The Priciples and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy – by Herbert A. Roberts,MD
5.The Genius of Homoeopathy and Essays on Homoeopathic Philosophy – by Stuart Close.