Dept. Of Pathology & Micro-Biology


 The Department has got the infrastructure and experienced staff bringing in innovative teaching methods to present the knowledge and provide a clear understanding in Pathology and microbiology.

The objective of the department is:

  • To enable students to know the reaction of man to differentmorbid factors causing disease.
  • To discriminate symptoms of the patient & disease & substantiate miasmatic perspective with pathology for an accurate homoeopathic prescription.
  • To correlate subjective & objective symptoms with underlying pathology, interpret clinical symptoms & make them competent in diagnosis & management of disease to make a complete homoeopathic physician.

Pathology & Microbiology is taught for II BHMS students according to the syllabus prescribed by CCH & WBUHS.

Practical classes trains students in various Pathology & Microbiology exercises which include Haematology, Bacterial Staining, Urine and stool analysis etc.

Hospital clinical laboratory attached to the department does all basic investigation procedures for the OPD & IPD patients.




Some Reference Books For Study of Pathology and MicroBiology :

1. Text Book of Pathology – by Harsh Mohan.
2. Robbins Basic Pathology.
3. Concepts in Pathology – by Deveah Mishra